Elevate Your Tampa Model and Vacation Homes with Expert Design

Model Home and Vacation Home Design

  • Market research
  • Pre-construction floor plan review
  • Space planning
  • Conceptual design, including memory points throughout
  • Architectural elements with detailed drawings
  • Multiple-stage walkthroughs during construction
  • Complete installation on time and within budget

Our Model Home Services Include:

Sally Barton Interiors provides interior design services for Tampa Bay builders. With over two decades of experience, our expertise ensures we create model home experiences that captivate buyers and drive sales. Every design project is a collaboration with the builder’s team to create a vision that inspires buyers and generates sales.

Detailed construction documents specify everything from paint and trim details to built-ins and selections. Our model homes are merchandised with carefully space-planned furniture, lamps, and accessories, topped with custom bedding and drapery using carefully selected fabrics, to give each home its own uniquely realistic feel. Combining market research and impeccable design, we help inspire, delight, and move your model visitors to a vision of living in one of your homes.

Tampa Bay Model Home Merchandising—Inspire Your Buyers with Beautiful Design

Custom bids are based on the scope and scale of the project.

Delays in installation can hinder the sales process. Our commitment to on-time completion ensures your model home is ready to impress prospective buyers according to your schedule without compromising quality.

Timely Installation

It can be difficult to create a design that stands out while maintaining cohesion throughout the home. We specialize in crafting customized designs that are both unique and harmonious, ensuring a memorable experience for visitors.

Unique and Cohesive Design

Maximizing the functionality and appeal of every inch of a model home requires expert space planning. Our comprehensive approach ensures each area is optimally utilized, creating an inviting and practical environment for potential buyers.

Effective Space Planning

Keeping up with the latest market trends can be challenging for builders. We leverage extensive market research to ensure our designs resonate with today’s buyers, driving interest and sales.

Understanding Market Trends

Tailored Solutions for Tampa Bay Builders

Custom bids are based on the scope and scale of the project.

Let Sally Barton Interiors maximize your rental appeal through professional and personable design that combines luxury and durability. 

  • Insights into Popular Rental Trends
  • Space Planning and Layout Design
  • Selection of Durable and Luxurious Furnishings
  • Complete Installation and Setup

Our Vacation Property Services Include:

Based out of sunny Florida (but willing to travel!), we bring years of experience in the luxury design industry to help you elevate your investment. Whether you are looking to design the perfect vacation home retreat for your family or need an upgrade to your current vacation rental, we understand the unique challenges that come with vacation rentals and are here to help you maximize the potential of your properties.

Sally Barton Interiors has insights into the most popular rental trends and added amenities your occupants will love. We know what helps you stand out from your competition, increasing occupancy rates and maximizing profits. Our streamlined process prioritizes speed and efficiency without sacrificing quality. We would love to work with you to create memorable guest experiences and excellent ratings.

Vacation Property Design—Elevate Your Investment with Desirable Design

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